Ray of Light

Ray of Light - Death Monk
Ray of Light – Death Monk

The Conversion Process

One thing learned from this entire exercise is just how much time, effort and thought goes into taking a medium (script) and turning that into a visual story-telling device (aka, the Graphic Novel).

Where the screenplay is meant to be left open in some situations for interpretation of the director and actors, the graphic novel sticks closer to the vision of the author and how the artist translates the words they read into an image.

I am blown away by the talent and passion that Miguel brings to this project.

Death Monk started as something that was not going to be a serious undertaking, but as more about the topic was learned, a deep respect for that lifestyle was recognized.

There are many moving parts that need to be juggled in order to make everything work, and the thought of all this coming to a confluence very soon is humbling and invigorating.

Here’s to many travels with the Death Monk and his friends

Project Options Phase 2

To understand this post better, please read Phase 1 ideas here.

Phase 1 has a release date that we are already working on.

Its been decided already that no matter what takes place elsewhere, the Graphic Novel gets first priority.

In a perfect world, the Graphic Novel is the catalyst that makes it easy to convince those who are in positions to launch new franchises the perfect story delivered for them.

But we all know thats most likely not going to happen, so the project will continue forward regardless of who wants to help.

Phase 2 of the project is to further expand the experience of the Death Monk experience.

In todays world, the best way for readers to experience a world is through video games.

We are already in the process of determining the best way to make this happen, so stay tuned. As we learn of any progress, we will share it here.

Project Options Phase 1

There are various ways to get an idea out into the world.

In the entertainment world, the big one is a feature film. After that, most argue that a TV show would be next, maybe a book would be on the same level.

But when crafting a story that doesnt follow these cookie-cutter formats, you need something more adaptive to what the story needs.

Enter the Graphic Novel.

This format gives us the creative expression needed to tell the story the way we want to, without the limitations and doubts from those in Hollywood.

The entire process will take around 18 months, and we do have a target date in mind, its too early to release that information until some other pieces of the puzzle are in place.