Death Monk Panel 11

Death Monk and Divine have a conversation...

Sir Diomedes Cadman

Sir Diomedes Cadman

Sir Diomedes Cadman

Death Monk Panel Art

Death Monk Panel Art
Death Monk Panel Art

Here is one of the panels from when Mateus first encounters his captors and what they have in store for him…

Death Monk Color Cover

Watch the process from sketch to fully realized color. Miguel cruises through this with ease to make some amazing art!

Ray of Light

Ray of Light - Death Monk
Ray of Light – Death Monk

The Conversion Process

One thing learned from this entire exercise is just how much time, effort and thought goes into taking a medium (script) and turning that into a visual story-telling device (aka, the Graphic Novel).

Where the screenplay is meant to be left open in some situations for interpretation of the director and actors, the graphic novel sticks closer to the vision of the author and how the artist translates the words they read into an image.

I am blown away by the talent and passion that Miguel brings to this project.

Death Monk started as something that was not going to be a serious undertaking, but as more about the topic was learned, a deep respect for that lifestyle was recognized.

There are many moving parts that need to be juggled in order to make everything work, and the thought of all this coming to a confluence very soon is humbling and invigorating.

Here’s to many travels with the Death Monk and his friends