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The Conversion Process

One thing learned from this entire exercise is just how much time, effort and thought goes into taking a medium (script) and turning that into a visual story-telling device (aka, the Graphic Novel). Where the screenplay is meant to be left open in some situations for interpretation of the director and actors, the graphic novel…

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Project Options Phase 2

To understand this post better, please read Phase 1 ideas here. Phase 1 has a release date that we are already working on. Its been decided already that no matter what takes place elsewhere, the Graphic Novel gets first priority. In a perfect world, the Graphic Novel is the catalyst that makes it easy to…

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Project Options Phase 1

There are various ways to get an idea out into the world. In the entertainment world, the big one is a feature film. After that, most argue that a TV show would be next, maybe a book would be on the same level. But when crafting a story that doesnt follow these cookie-cutter formats, you…

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